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Virtuelle Undervisere: Learn Through Experience

The year is 1781, the white flag has been waved, which marks the end of the American Revolution. Imagine being there as the British General Cornwallis surrenders to one of America’s founding fathers George Washington, ending the American Revolutionary War. Or imagine experiencing sitting in a dimly lit room at the turn of the seventeenth century watching Shakespeare write the last memorable words of his play about the tragic prince of Denmark, Hamlet. Visual learning is an important tool in teaching and learning – imagine being able to experience history as you learn it. With VR, we're closer than ever to make this somewhat of a possibility.

Now imagine being able to learn math quicker than any previous generation, because the opportunity to visualize abstract ideas and equations is finally within reach. VR offers teachers a way to visualize shapes and structures in 3D, showing students x, y and z axes, and creating an immersive experience. Virtual reality creates an engaging, updated learning environment for all age groups. VR seems a natural step towards 21st century learning.

Virtual Reality offers many opportunities for creating an immersive and exciting learning environment. History keeps changing as we keep discovering missing pieces and new information is added to all subjects, be it science or social studies. Textbooks are often outdated the moment they hit school tables. VR updates as the world changes.

The past year has been full of obstacles and challenges. The pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus has affected all aspects of our lives. Innovative thinking was needed, especially in our educational system. Teachers have been forced to create alternative teaching methods – moving the physical classroom online. Why not include the immersive and exciting learning environment of virtual reality? With VR, students and teachers can meet in a virtual meeting place.

On January 18, SiliconHagen invites you to join our event Virtuelle Undervisere, Intro. Here, our Operations and Programmes Manager Line Zahl Larsen will introduce AltSpaceVR and talk about how VR can be introduced into the classroom. We aim to contribute to the amazing and hard work teachers and educators perform every day. We at SiliconHagen seek to help you develop the tools you need and inspire the use of VR as an alternative teaching method now and in the future. Offer your students an alternative meeting place where they can meet, while they're at home and safe.

The event will be hosted at 4pm (CET) and will be about an hour long. The meeting place will be AltSpaceVR, which can be downloaded through Steam and Microsoft Store – it works for both Windows and Mac computers. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

*This event will be in Danish.

**For more information contact us on

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