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Virtual Reality and Learning: The benefits of VR

The morning school bell has been replaced by the soft melodies of Zoom and Teams, as a gallery of pixelated faces join the 8 o’clock online class. Facetime has become a mundane part of life the past – almost – two years, with ‘zoom fatigue’ and lack of motivation starting to show more and more. Even as the world is starting to go ‘back to normal’, working from home and online classes are now more integrated in how our day-to-day lives are being led. But! Facetime is lacking the interaction craved and needed for a blossoming learning environment.

The convenience of learning from home should not be overshadowed by the unimaginative and repetitive frame of online education through facetime-platforms.

SiliconHagen has been working with educators and experts in the immersive field of VR to create a library of virtual reality solutions that can help bring back a level of excitement and productivity, while creating an immersive educational learning environment.

“VR enables students to learn through practical experience, as students are immersed in a world that simulates real-life. Learning through experience has been argued as the most effective way to learn, and studies have shown that it increases the quality of learning and retention by 70-90%” source

Benefits of choosing VR in Education

  • Knowledge of the subject-area

  • Active experience instead of passive information

  • Helps the student understand complex theories, concepts, or subjects

  • VR boosts creativity and imagination while improving memory power

  • Offers an environment with no distractions

  • Gamification of ‘dry’ subjects makes for a fun and existing game-based education

  • It takes very little time to understand very complex topics

  • Reduces the need for books that can quickly become outdated

  • Improves digital skills, interaction, problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration

SiliconHagen offers an ever-expanding library of 3D models, customized scenarios/storyboard building, in-session multiple-choice quizzes, and much more. The solutions are formed to fit the needs of the users, participants as well as guest lecturers/presenters, and they can be accessed through mobile devices, pc/laptops/macs, and virtual reality hardware.

Say that you need to teach your students a skill that requires an experiment or task, to back up the theoretical aspect. The student is now free to engage in the activity in a safe space, while they are able to repeat the exercise – and without wasting any resources. They can even do it at home.

The virtual experience can help in the humanities as well – fx history. Here you can help the students understand historical events through experience and the senses as well as the lecture half. Walk through ancient Rome; Settle in Normandy with the Vikings in 911; or travel across the ocean with Christopher Columbus.

Contact us

Join SiliconHagen for a one-hour-presentation of the solutions and opportunities our virtual learning facilities offer. Set up a meeting by contacting us here: or – and let us together find out what we can offer you and your next step toward the virtual reality solutions.

Start your VR journey with SiliconHagen

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