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Exclusive Santa Claus Interview w. SiliconHagen

Santa Claus

321 Elf Road

The North Pole

Dear Santa.

I hope you and the elves and the reindeers are well. And that you are ready for Christmas. My name is Kevin and I’m 7 years old. My brother got a VR headset for his birthday and he won’t let me try it. That’s why my wish this year is one for myself. I’ve been good all year, so I should be on the nice list. Thank you and merry Christmas.


In his cabin on the North Pole, Santa Claus is getting ready for Christmas. That is, his elves are and they’re in full swing, wrapping the last presents and filling up the sleigh for the big night. Santa has been occupied since receiving the letter from Kevin.

“He’s been wearing that headset constantly for a month now,” says Mrs. Claus. “I barely see him except for at dinner time”

The VR headset is lying on the table next to the plate of cookies and two glasses of milk – Santa Claus keeps absentmindedly glancing at it, while smiling warmly at our SiliconHagen reporter.

“When I got Kevin’s wish, I had no idea what this ‘virtual reality’ was. So I had to be sure that it was the perfect gift,” Santa says before taking a sip of the milk that Mrs. Claus has brought out. “When I learned what it was, I quickly saw the opportunity to brush up on my sleigh riding before the big night”

Here Mrs. Claus interjects with a laugh from the corner armchair of the cosy living room: “Yes, of course you need to practice. Because you haven’t been riding that sleigh for the last 600 years”

A blush forms under the great, white beard and red hat. Santa shakes his head and gives a warm laugh that builds up to the well-known and loved ho-ho-ho. Santa Claus turns to our SiliconHagen reporter again.

“You got to keep with the times, don’t you? I remember when children started wishing for phones and televisions. It was almost impossible to get the elves away from the screen and back to making presents,” Santa sneaks a peak at Mrs. Claus and goes on “and someone was very enthusiastic when a certain book series came out about a small boy with a scar on his forehead- well, we don’t have to get into that”

Santa sits back in his chair, picking up the VR headset. “Do you mind if I quickly pop this back on, while Beeatrica shows you around?”

“Not at all”

“You’re in good hands, she’s one of my right-hand-elves. See you in a bit”

We will be back with Santa after the big night to hear how it went.

You can now visit Santa in his cabin in AltSpaceVR:

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