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Entrepreneurs Impressed the Jury at the 2020 Invio Challenge

Yesterday, December 15, entrepreneurs from 7 start-up companies pitched their ideas to a jury that included SiliconHagen founder and CEO, Jan Ståhlberg.

The event was split into 2 categories: The Invio HEALTH Challenge and The Invio Experience Technology Challenge. Both events focused on technology’s presence in our every day-life and the participants concepts sought to improve lives using tech.

The Invio Challenge was hosted by Creative Business Network.

The Invio HEALTH Challenge: Experience can heal!

“Art is a wound turned into light” - Georges Braque.

This quote was used by Nils Fietje, Research Officer at WHO, in his presentation, while the jury was out to deliberate on the 3 start-up pitches. The 3 entrepreneurs represented Nolitr, AsoY (ART speaks of YOU), and U4Ea (Euphoria) – their ideas were on how experience can heal and improve well-being.

After an hours deliberation, the jury decided to name U4Ea as the winner of the Invio HEALTH Challenge. U4Ea’s health concept is build on using sound as a tool to improve well-being. The app can be used when meditating, while sleeping, and when you just need a moment from your daily routine.

The other 2 presenters were Miri Berger who’s co-founder and CEO of 6Degrees, and Gitte Wille, Director of Cultural Affairs in Region Skåne.

The jury consisted of Susie Ruff, Anja Hoffmann, Mads Nathaniel Lopes, and Jan Ståhlberg.

The Invio Experience Technology Challenge

The focus of the second challenge was how to develop customer and user experience through the means of technology. The 4 start-ups were AR:ticipate, Xperience Plus, Gamers Coin, and Novalia.

The presenters in relation to this challenge were Andreas Andersen, CEO of Liseberg and Jordi Sellas i Ferrés, Executive Director at IDEAL, who talked about how they work with experience technology in each of their fields.

The winner of the Invio Experience Technology Challenge was Novalia. Novalia creates experience through interactive products and playable walls, which connects brands to their audiences all around the world.

The jury consisted of Morten Viktor, Jesper Krogh Kristiansen, Søren Smed, and Jan Ståhlberg.

Andreas Andersen pointed out that many believe that technology will one day take over, but his belief was that we will find a way to hybridize technology and the human experience. The Invio Challenge did underline the mark technology has made on the world, but also showed how it can be used to help and better our lives in the future.

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