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Denmark As The World's Leading Scale-Up Nation

“Denmark as the world’s leading start-up/scale-up nation” – That is the goal for the Advisory Board set up by the Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv).

We are lucky to live in a country where there is no shortage of innovative, creative, and driven minds; people who can look at an idea and bring that idea to life – it only needs the right environment to grow. With programs like The Lion’s Den (Løvens Hule) where investors are eager to jump at the opportunity to support the start-up businesses, we are given the impression that it’s simply that easy. Unfortunately that is not the reality for entrepreneurs when they want to start up a business today. These business initiatives are the jobs of tomorrow, they are a contributing factor to a blossoming economy, and they are how Denmark can become the world’s greatest entrepreneurial country. Which is why we need to support the businesses of tomorrow.

The Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv) has set the high goal of making Denmark the best country to run a business in. To achieve this, the organization has put together a team of 15 Danish Entrepreneurs, who have come up with 28 proposals for the Danish Government to consider in order to put Denmark on the map as one of the leading entrepreneurial countries in the world. One of the panel’s entrepreneurs is SiliconHagen’s CEO, Jan Ståhlberg.

“Now is the time for Denmark to create the best conditions in the world to have more

entrepreneurs, who, together, can create more sustainable growth and give back to

society” – Jan Ståhlberg.

SiliconHagen is immensely proud to be a part of this initiative, and was part of the meeting in Ringsted on Friday (the 28th) where Louise Schack Elholm (member of the Danish Parliament), Henrik Hvidesten (Mayor in Ringsted), and Bente Jongberg (chief consultant) were present.

One of the 28 proposals is to allow the start-ups to offer their employees stocks in the company. This has two main advantages. Firstly, it will allow the organization to afford workers, which then boosts the company by adding to the workforce. Secondly, offering a part of the company increases the motivational factor as the goal of growing the business suddenly affects the employee more as a co-sharer.

“It’s important that we do something, as the cohesiveness of society depends on the

desire to establish and run a business” – Louise Schack.

Heading up the list of recommendations are: Improved investment and tax schemes, easy-to-set up warrant schemes, more opportunity for female entrepreneurs, leadership and talent development, more use of public-private partnerships, integration of entrepreneurship into life-long learning, and weaving entrepreneurship into the culture and fabric of society with opportunities for all.

SiliconHagen’s vision is to make it easier and more accessible to apply new, immersive technology to further growth in education, training, etc., and to create better opportunities for entrepreneurial organizations, thereby making Denmark a dynamic and competitive market full of opportunities for all. Our focus is to apply new technology, such as virtual reality, to support several aspects of our society.

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