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A whole new world that invites you to create innovative solutions with limitless potential.

Our Focus


Our team members have since 2015 pioneered and set up VR solutions. SiliconHagen was established in 2018 to work closely with customers and partners as we collaborate in bridging needs with technology solutions. We use a sandbox approach as we innovate, experiment, explore, co-create, and design new ways forward for using VR in education, training, health, and defence. SiliconHagen is ready to help you on your VR journey.

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Areas of expertise

Since SiliconHagen was founded in 2018 our focus has been innovation of VR for education, training, health and defence. We use a sandbox approach to involving and engaging our partners in experimentation, exploration, co-creation and design of new ways forward for solutions in VR, AR, XR and AI. Our extensive global eco-system of developers ensure quick start up of projects and the use of the latest knowledge, skills and technology.

Escape VRooms

This is a pioneering concept that SiliconHagen has developed together with the Greenland High Schools (GUX) and Tusass (formerly known as Tele Greenland). This partnership has been able to push the boundaries for what can be achieved in using VR in STEM education. Both teachers and students have been involved in using and adapting the escape room concept for a new generation of immersive chemistry education.


This opens up for new ways of bridging remote and laboratory based teaching. It also contributes towards equal opportunity and access to STEM education. VR makes it possible to increase immersion, motivation and engagement for improved attainment as well as retained interest in STEM related studies and jobs.

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VR Education

VR in Vocational Education

Since 2019, SiliconHagen has been developing groundbreaking solutions for vocational education and training. Our main collaborating partner has been the Danish Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Building and Construction. Simulations include fault finding and servicing of domestic district heating, domestic electrical installations, electrical circuit panels and ventilation systems in industrial buildings.


Our collaborative approach with specialised co-creation and enablement of teachers and professionals has resulted in unique and user-orientated VR applications that are being used with thousands of pupils every week.

Neuro VRehabilitation

SiliconHagen’s Head of Immersive Rehabilitation has 30 years of experience as an occupational therapist working with neuro rehabilitation. SiliconHagen is transferring these skills and experiences into a collection of VR applications. Our first product is a multi-layered immersive VR rehabilitation solution based on Forest Bathing.


This will involve near reality digital models of the natural environment, multi layered digital visualisation, story generation as well as integration and transfer of rehabilitation techniques. The resulting multilayered immersive VR rehabilitation application will aim to have an impact on mindfulness, fatigue management, training of mirror neurons, increase resilience as well as pain and energy management.

Forest for Neuro VRehab
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Welcome to SiliconHagen’s blog

Broadening your virtual reality-knowledge horizon since… 2020. Through this blog, we will give you a look into SiliconHagen’s events and other interesting topics within the field of VR, AR, XR, and AI.

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Collaboration is the key to our work. Involving our partners at all stages of the development process makes sure that our solutions are people centred and meet the need and expectations.

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