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The collaborators

Our lead collaborators and co-creators have been chemistry and mathematics teachers from the Greenland high schools. The lead on the chemistry side is the chair of the chemistry teachers’ association in Denmark who also undertakes remote teaching for high schools students in Greenland.


Two students join together as they need to escape an interconnected set of 7 rooms. These are set up for experiments and include interactive boards used for applying theory and detailed problem solving. Once students have solved the tasks set for each room, it will unlock the access to the next room where they are set new tasks.


The first thematic STEM focus for the Greenland high schools is chemistry, incorporating important elements of mathematics. Each room is set up for a new topic and a related experiment and application of theory. There is a gradual increase in difficulty as the students go through the rooms leading up to the final escape. Interactivity and immersion are key features as students are required to collaborate as they use their self-chosen roles and skills in each room to find the solutions to the tasks set.


The students will in each room choose their preferred role. One role allows special immersion into the experiment while the other applies theory and controls the interactive board.  It is important that the two characters communicate and collaborate and find ways to use and apply their combined theoretical and practical skills.


A competitive element has been added where students can check the time it takes for them to solve each room. Mistakes are part of the learning process as students can reset the room and restart the problem solving process.


The simulation allows for a unique form for free flowing simulation that replicates how experiments and application of theory takes place in the laboratories and classrooms.

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