Making Technology Integration Work


VR, ar, and Ai solutions

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence keep pushing the bounds of what is possible. The immersive technology demonstrates time and time again the immense potential it has on improving countless areas of the human experience. 

SiliconHagen is pioneering technology integration as a change agent in the transformation of public and private sector service education, training, user interaction, production management, and much more.

We want to be the change agent that makes your VR, AR, and AI realities come true. 

SiliconHagen places itself in the centre between purchasers and producers of technology solutions such as VR, AR and AI. The company co-ordinates, manages and also conceptualizes projects so that they are delivered on spec, on time and on budget. SiliconHagen offers a world of different partnering options with a host of world wide groundbreaking partners that lead in the field of VR, AR and AI.

SiliconHagen Offers

•    Integration of VR, AR, & AI solutions in the form of coaching, software, and/or hardware
•    Customized solutions, e.g. meeting rooms, exhibition areas, and training exercises
•    Support throughout the entire process; from idea generation to support with the final project​

•    Coaching you through the new, immersive technology options to insure the right fit for you


“Virtual reality is the first step in a grand adventure into the landscape of the imagination”

 - Frank Biocca