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How To: AltSpaceVR

This page is dedicated to new users of the platform AltSpaceVR. We have created a list of recordings and How-Tos, which will guide you through the basics of AltSpaceVR and ensure the best possible experience in the virtual environment. The guide is recorded through 2D access on a windows computer.




This introduction tutorial serves as a guide through the AltSpace settings. This the first glimpse of your home space and will give you the tools to navigate and alter the settings to make it a more enjoyable virtual reality journey for you.

2D Movement

In case you’re using AltSpaceVR in 2D, this will serve as a guide of how you move around in the virtual reality world. Watch this introduction and skip testing the entire keyboard.

Settings For 2D Access

To make sure you have the best 2D experience in AltSpaceVR, this guide helps you set up your AltSpaceVR account in order to give you the best immersive experience possible


This guide is centred around the need-to-knows of your AltSpaceVR menu. The introduction of the seven options in your menu, with demonstrations, will guarantee an easier first encounter with the AltSpaceVR world and make it a better virtual reality experience for you. 

Host Tools


This video guide helps you host your own AltSpaceVR event. Make sure you’re heard and able to keep tabs on everyone in your virtual reality world. Become the hostess with the mostest.

Presenting With Slides

Move your presentation into the virtual space. This video is a guide to how you can easily present a case in AltSpaceVR using slides, while enjoying the immersive experience of virtual reality.

Creating portals to others


Jump between the virtual reality worlds by using portals. This guide shows you how to create portals so that you can make your journey in AltSpaceVR much easier to navigate.

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