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Virtual Reality

Project management of production of new virtual reality learning modules for vocational education. Customers are Danish national centres of excellence covering the construction industry as well as automation and robot technology. Lead agent in developing an innovative central development platform shared by a national consortium of secondary education providers.

Satellite Data

Copernicus Satellite InSAR Earth Observation enabled Augmented and Virtual Reality for improved and immersive analysis supporting real time analysis and training for improved disaster management and contingency planning. The first prototype Geo-Rx was developed for an effective CoVID-19 response covering the need for equal and effective access to health facilities across the European Union.

Conference and Community

Co-production of of a Danish national virtual reality conference. Planning and on-boarding of speakers, partner communication, social media campaigns and follow-up work for national partnership, consortia and community models. On-going support for bringing together national stakeholders for using virtual reality in education, training and industry.

Virtual World Building

Collaboration with Educators in VR to showcase, trial and produce a new immersive suite of virtual learning spaces modelled on real world problems and scenarios. We work closely with K-12, secondary education and adult education providers for easy and improved access for the experiential learning over PC and VR for all students. We also enable local co-creation by educators and students.

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Jan Ståhlberg

 Founder & CEO at SiliconHagen

Vision is collaborative business model. Mission is to drive impact and change by leaving no stones unturned. Experienced go-to-market systemic leadership and service architect, matching world leading solutions to a complex market of technology enabled customers.

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Line Zahl Larsen

 Project Officer at SiliconHagen

Educator at heart, project magician as mastery. Transforming and applying technology to match the needs of a new generation of learners and innovators.

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Jonas Torp Larsen

Digital Engagement Assistant at SiliconHagen

Composer of multimedia and content producer. Purpose is to integrate and rethink multimedia in communication and virtual spaces as well as create the best customer experience.

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