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by Daniel Dyboski-Bryant & Lorelle VanFossen

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Educators in VR: About Us


Educators in VR is an open cross-platform founded by Daniel Dyboski-Bryant and Lorelle VanFossen, who have created this open and global platform for a community of educators, researchers, and trainers. These groups of people work on exploring and collaborating on the areas of virtual reality as well as Augmented reality. Educators in VR constantly work on ways to bring together researchers, trainers, businesses and educators. They want to work towards a future of immersive education.

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Educators in VR: Our Technology
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International summit February 17-22

February 17-22 Educators in VR hosted an online international summit. The “2020 Educators in VR International Summit” was a free and public, virtual event where everyone was be able to attend.
It hosted more than 150 speakers and covered a diverse selection of themes and subjects. We recommend everyone to go check out the recorded streams on YouTube as the event featured an array of different subjects and opened up to all the future possibilities.

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SiliconHagen places itself in the center between purchasers and producers of technology solutions such as VR, AR and AI. We work on creating a network and national center in Denmark, as to spread the knowledge about immersive learning and new ways of improving work processes by means of virtual and simulated experiences. Gradually we work on expanding our network and make sure that the flow of ideas will create bridges between national and international organisations. We believe that VR and AR is the future in education, construction, science as well as the medical areas.

Visit us at:

Educators in VR: About
How you will be able to access the recorded material
Future events

The AltSpace channel features upcoming events, and we recommend everyone to go to the channel as to stay up to date on all the weekly workshops.

VR Headsets

VR headsets - All platforms can be accessed in 2D-PC. Most platforms could be accessed by Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Microsoft Mixed Realities etc. The only platform that requires PC VR is Somnium Space.


We created a list of our recommendations from the Summit and divided them into 3 categories:

·         Education and Learning.

·         Health and Social Care

·         Gender, Social Platform, Crime Reduction and General Interest

We have selected these specific categories, as we believe that it will guide you towards the right areas of expertise. Look through the list and find them on their YouTube Channel.